Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

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Now that you've considered how climate change might affect the UK in the not-so-distant future, it's time to make a plan of action. Over a lifetime your actions can make a real difference, especially if you can go the extra mile to educate your family and friends. Knowledge is the key to inspiring the next generation of climate activists. This page includes a few tools you can use to make some simple, yet profound changes.

The first thing you may wish to do in order to tackle climate change is to calculate your personal carbon footprint at: . This website offers loads of tips on how to minimise the environmental damage our modern lifestyles often cause. 

Once you know the in's and out's of your carbon footprint you can start to make steps towards de-creasing it. If you want to plunge in at the deep end and try to make changes in all aspects of your life at once, then go ahead Brave Climate Warrior! However, I'm going to suggest that taking things step by step should make things easier. Over the next month I challenge you to make one change every week. Here I've listed examples of changes you could put into practice:


Let's start with a simple one. At every possible occasion choose to travel on foot or by bike, bus or train, rather than taking your car.


Challenge yourself to use the shopping lists on the Environmentally Friendly Diet page to swap out the meat and dairy in your mealsIt is likely that you will be pleasantly surprised at how filling and delicious a plant based diet can be! Keep this up and continue to research the benefits.


Spreading the word is vital if we want to create real change. A lot of people still believe that climate change is a problem for future generations, and that it will not have negative impacts on UK citizens. To share what you know and to remind them that we all need to take action now, share this website, sign a petition and have a chat to your friends and family about rising sea levels.


Plant some vegetables! Even if you don't have a big garden, there are many plants which can be grown in large containers on a patio or even a windowsill! Use the Grow Your Own page for tips. You can sometimes find people giving away free plant pots and compost on Freecycle. You could also start to compost your own waste by following the RHS Guide to Composting on youtube.

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