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The SubmergedUK photographic campaign is based upon the Surging Seas Risk Zone Map from Climate Central. This map was used to locate towns and cities which are most likely to be submerged by rising sea levels of 29 feet; the amount which has been predicted to occur if there is a 4 degrees rise in global warming from current levels. The image below is an example of a surging seas map of the UK.


Department of Energy and Climate Change. UK Sea Level.

2005 to 2015 UK local and regional CO2 emissions: statistical summary

Informative Documentaries

Cowspiracy (2014)

Cowspiracy is the kind of documentary which can change lives, save lives, and may even change the world (hopefully!) It's full of incredibly important information which explains how much difference our diets can make to the health of our planet.

Short Film from the Committee on Climate Change: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 - Urgent priorities for the UK


Before the Flood, presented by National Geographic, features Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, traveling to five continents and the Arctic to witness climate change firsthand. He goes on expeditions with scientists uncovering the reality of climate change and meets with political leaders fighting against inaction. He also discovers a calculated disinformation campaign orchestrated by powerful special interests working to confuse the public about the urgency of the growing climate crisis.

Discusses the common reasons people think they wouldn't go vegan...

and completely throws them out of the window!

0:45 - We are designed to eat meat
7:29 - Deficiencies
13:35 - My parents wont let me go vegan
14:51 - I like the taste
16:25 - Convenience, tradition and social acceptance

Vegan Recipes

This is a really simple recipe for a sweet, energy-boosting treat. 

You can find similar recipes from the Deliciously Ella website here: 

A recipe for a hearty vegan shepard's pie, presented by vegan athlete and free-runner Tim Shieff. Find more vegan recipes from Jamie Oliver here:

suggested Reading on plant-based diets

How not to die by Michael Greger

Viva!'s page full of advice about trying a healthier, more environmentally friendly plant based life:

Health Benefits of Plant Based Diet:​


Online Source for Plant-Based Research Articles:

Vegan Calculator estimates the water, grain, forest, CO2 and animal life you preserve just by being a vegan:

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Submerged UK

A climate campaign

By Lauren Darn